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Taxes are usually not included in prices in Canada (in contrast to the UK) so please ask for the total price.

GST (goods and services tax) is 5% and is charged on nearly everything.

Staying in Banff National Park may also include tourism or other "improvement" taxes so again, please ask.


Taxis: a couple of options, or just google Banff+Canada+Taxi


Dog-sledding (you'll have to travel outside of the park):

Walking tours of Banff:

Hot Springs Visit:

Snowmobiling (you'll have to travel outside of the park):

Down-hill Skiing:

and many more....

Cross-country Skiiing (Nordic Skiing):



Head down to the main street on Banff Avenue and start exploring!



Melissa's Homstead (old fashioned bar (with taxidermy!))

Coyote Grill (casual grill)

Georgios (Italian chain restaurant)

Three Ravens (@ the Banff Centre)

The Bison (fine dining located above the Bear Street Tavern)

Bear Street Tavern (location of the Welcome Dinner)

Bumpers (old fashioned steakhouse with salad bar)

Grizzly House (fondue everything with "local" meat options - deer, elk, buffalo, beef, plus other more "exotic" meat).

Beaver Tail's (you must try one if you have never had the chance!) there are many more