What to pack & what to wear

This is not meant to be your packing list just a few suggestions for those who want them, especially if you have never been to the mountains in winter-time before!

Banff is a very casual mountain town, so casual is fine pretty much everywhere you go unless otherwise stated.

For Wedding events/activities, check the dress suggestions for each of the events.

If you are the kind of person who would like a bit more detail - this part is for you!

For all of our events, except for the wedding cocktails, dinner and party, casual is the way to go!

For the ceremony:

We will be outside for around 45 minutes (barring blizzard conditions), and so we suggest that you go casual and "layer up".

For your legs, make sure you wear a base layer/long underwear underwhatever trousers/pants you choose and remember, jeans can be cold in winter as they get pretty stiff!

For you upper torso, make sure you have a wind proof outer layer and quite a few warm layers underneath, including a thermal base layer.

A toque (winter hat/beanie) is a must, as are good warm gloves, socks and winter boots/hiking boots. You may also want a scarf or neckwarmer

For those of you who will be snowshoeing/cross country skiing/walking to the ceremony, layers are key so that you can strip down if you get hot, but then still be warm when you are stopped for the ceremony.

For those of you who will be on the sleigh ride to the ceremony, you won't be moving much on the sleighs, so get some warm mitts,or use "hot shots" handwarmers :) These little guys are great - just open and shake and they'll keep you toasty for a couple of hours.

For the wedding day cocktails, dinner & party: while not black tie, we would like everyone to dress up - gentlemen in lounge suits & ladies in elegant dresses (cocktail length is just fine).

Packing Tips:

A few extras you may not think of but that are handy to have on hand:

  • slippers for inside your cabin/condo/hotel room
  • an extra sweater, just in case
  • extra socks, just in case
  • sunglasses and sunscreen
  • vaseline/lip balm for your lips and extra skin cream - the mountain air is very dry
  • Rain coats just in case
  • hiking boots/winter boots
  • adapter for electrics/electronics